Chris Reeve Sebenza

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Brief review: Features a titanium frame handle, along with Sebenza’s Integral lock and premium S30V stainless steel. Comes in a wide variety of patterns and design. Shown above is the plain version of the Sebenza, without any designs on the handle and a standard S30V blade. Though expensive, it remains as one of the more popular pocket knives among knife enthusiasts, considered to be a benchmark of quality for a pocket knife. Often compared to Strider knives and is considered to be a semi-custom knife, although it is a production knife.

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

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Blade Length: 3.625″ x .125″ (Large) or 2.94″ x .125″ (Small)
Length Closed: -NA-
Overall length: 8.335″ (Large) or 6.875″ (Small)
Blade Steel: S30V Stainless Steel (Previously ATS-34)
Blade hardness: Rc. 58-59
Blade Finish: Polished
Weight: 4.7 oz. (Large) or 3 oz. (Small)
Edge: Plain
Lock Type: Sebenza Integral Lock
Carry System: -NA-
Handle Material: 6Al4V Titanium
Knife Type: Folding Knife
Country of origin: USA
Part #: -NA-

Rarity Details:

Production Status: In Production
Last Known MSRP: Premium Member Content (see FAQs)
Current Estimated Price: Premium Member Content
Production dates: Premium Member Content
Production numbers: ?
Limited run?: No
Other things of interest: –
Rarity Index: 3/10 (10 being the most rare)

Rarity index scale (1 to 10, 10 being the most rare):

1 – Very common; easily available on ebay, google product search and almost every knife selling website. Spammed with at least 10+ listings on ebay.
3 – Has been around for at least 2 years and are selling reasonably well, with retailers favouring other newer models over this knife.
5 – Knives that are on the borderline of being discontinued or have been discontinued for less than 6 months
6 – Products from 6 onwards are either discontinued or limited edition.
7 – Discontinued knives that pop up once every few months on the “For Sale” part of forums or on ebay. Still can be found at a few online shops though.
8 – Knives that need lots of researching to find. Not available anymore in online knife shops and pop up (if you’re lucky) >4 months for one at a time.
9 – Knives holding this rarity are the shadowy kind. You can’t find any information on them at all (not even from online knife shops that have not taken down that knife’s product page). If you see one for sale grab at all cost.
10 – The rarest of all knives. If you hadn’t been here you wouldn’t even have known that it existed. Should you have one of these you better lock it up in a triple-combination safe and treat it like a family heirloom…


Product Description:

The folding knife that has become the yardstick against which others are compared, the Sebenza has earned a worldwide reputation for rock solid performance and a “bank vault” feel. Chris developed the first Sebenza in 1987 and the profile has experienced minor changes over the years. After the entirely handmade version came the Original profile in 1990, the Regular in 1996 and the Classic in 2000.

2008 is the 21st year of the Sebenza and to celebrate, we have introduced the Sebenza 21—an updated version of the classic, that is easier to insert into a pocket or pouch.

From the plain versions shown here—tumbled or “stonewashed” S30V blades with sand blasted handles—to those with damascus blades and lavish graphics, each Sebenza is individually fitted to the closest tolerances. Available in large or small, and dedicated right or left handed.