Collecting Knives: By Manufacturer/Maker

Busse satin limited editions (Photo mamun1024 - bladeforums)

Perhaps the most popular knife collecting style – collecting knives by the knife manufacturer/maker.

For those getting started with knife collecting, this is the easiest way to get started. Many knife collectors are drawn to certain knife brands because of a unique knife design, features, blade steel, or simply because of the brand itself. Starting from one knife from that company, a knife collector may like other models and look into expanding the knife collection within the same brand.


Uniformity and Collectability

Strider folder knife collection (Photo: OilMan - bladeforums)

Strider folder knife collection (Photo: OilMan – bladeforums)

Collecting this way also ensures uniformity in your knife collection. At a first glance, a knife’s logo or common features stand out distinctively and even non-knife collectors can recognize that a group of knives come from the same knife manufacturer. This is also true for knives that are different in size, blade design, and form.

Another benefit of collecting knives this way is that you gain expertise/knowledge in a specific area – a single knife manufacturer. Rather than having a collection comprising of various knife manufacturers, you would gain specialised knowledge in one manufacturer and soon become an expert. Quite an impressive thing if you can name at least five knife models from a single knife manufacturer and their specifications!

Some popular knife manufacturers:

Within this collecting style, there is another specialised way of collecting knives – collecting by model, i.e. collecting variants of a single knife model from a knife manufacturer.