Fallkniven S1

Fallkniven S1 black stock main (Photo Andrew81vr - edcforums)

Knife Collectors Org. Review:

The Fallkniven S1 is popular among the bushcraft community because it is able to endure hard use and is affordable. Its 5″ blade is long enough to handle chopping tasks, yet short enough for delicate camping and slicing tasks. The blade uses laminated steel with a hard 2mm VG-10 core and softer 2mm 420J2 steel on each side of it so that the knife remains flexible and does not break when used to pry. The stock S1 version has a Thermorun (rubber) handle, which offers good grip in cold and wet weather. The exposed tang at the butt can be used as a field hammer too. It is also approved (since November 2000) for use by air crews in the US Marines/US Navy as a survival knife.

At 0.2″, the Fallkniven S1 is hefty enough to use for chopping and really helps when used to baton wood since there is little resistance along the blade. The convex edge aids chopping and takes a fine edge (with some skill) when used with a leather strop and convex sharpening.

Many users have commented that the Fallkniven S1 is an excellent knife to have in the woods, be it in a survival situation or just for a camping trip. Some however favour the smaller Fallkniven F1 as it has a smaller blade and not as heavy as the S1, though it cannot be used as a chopper.

It is common for knife owners to order S1 blanks to fix their own custom handles and mosaic pins, which turns the S1 into attractive knives with nice handles.The blanks have a thicker full tang width than the stock S1 version, since the tang in the blanks are exposed when custom handles are fixed on.

Overall, the Fallkniven S1 is a highly recommended as a first “survival knife” or a simple outdoors knife. It is a tough and reliable knife that handles camping tasks easily with its great blade design and steel. With a laminated convex blade, the S1 can handle chopping tasks and pry to some extent. It is a good choice for a “woods” knife and fits the budget too.

Editor’s Rating: 9.5/10

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Blade Length: 5.1″ x .2″
Length Closed: -NA-
Overall length: 9.7″
Blade Steel: Laminated VG-10 Stainless Steel
Blade hardness: Rc. 59
Blade Finish: Satin or Black CeraCoat 8H
Weight: 6.7 oz.
Edge: Plain
Lock Type: -NA-
Carry System: Leather or Zytel Sheath
Handle Material: Thermorun (rubber)
Knife Type: Fixed Blade
Country of origin: Sweden
Part #: S1 (Leather Sheath), S1z (Zytel Sheath), S1bl (black coated, leather sheath), S1blz (Black coated, zytel sheath)

Rarity Details:
Production Status: In Production
Last Known MSRP: Premium Member Content (see FAQs)
Current Estimated Price: Premium Member Content
Production dates: Premium Member Content
Production numbers: -unknown-
Limited run?: No
Other things of interest: Earlier production S1s were made of solid VG-10 steel instead of laminated steel.
Rarity Index: 2.5/10 (10 being the most rare)

Rarity index scale (1 to 10, 10 being the most rare):

1 – Very common; easily available on ebay, google product search and almost every knife selling website. Spammed with at least 10+ listings on ebay.
3 – Has been around for at least 2 years and are selling reasonably well, with retailers favouring other newer models over this knife.
5 – Knives that are on the borderline of being discontinued or have been discontinued for less than 6 months
6 – Products from 6 onwards are either discontinued or limited edition.
7 – Discontinued knives that pop up once every few months on the “For Sale” part of forums or on ebay. Still can be found at a few online shops though.
8 – Knives that need lots of researching to find. Not available anymore in online knife shops and pop up (if you’re lucky) >4 months for one at a time.
9 – Knives holding this rarity are the shadowy kind. You can’t find any information on them at all (not even from online knife shops that have not taken down that knife’s product page). If you see one for sale grab at all cost.
10 – The rarest of all knives. If you hadn’t been here you wouldn’t even have known that it existed. Should you have one of these you better lock it up in a triple-combination safe and treat it like a family heirloom…


Product Description:

S1 – The Forest Knife is probably the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless laminate VG10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. The modified clippoint design works well for penetrating purposes, the long curved edge is ideal for skinning. The blade is long enough for lighter chopping and won´t break, it´s full 5 mm (0.2″) thick!

Would you prefer to get no reflection from the blade, we offer a black CeraCoat 8H version.

The checkered handle gives a good grip even when your hands are cold or wet. Depending on your needs, you have the possibility to chose from two kinds of sheaths, an open-top dangler in thick, black leather or a zytel sheath with snappers around the handle.

Like all our models, the S1 Forest Knife is well tested before release, you will find no teething problems. If your looking for total quality, a classic knife from Fallkniven AB, is never wrong. Try the S1 Forest Knife, you won´t be disappointed!