Knife Storage

As your knife collection continues to grow, how do you store your knives? Storing your knives well can be considered to be part of knife care, since storing them improperly can lead to rust or even blade damage, and thus affect a knife’s value.

The environment in which the knife is stored determines how well it can be “preserved”. Stored in a humid, dark area like a shoe cabinet or a toilet cabinet, knives could quickly tarnish and even develop rust.

One of the popular options is to put it in a acrylic or glass display case. This features the knife well, but is most suited for a single knife or a display stand of a few knives.

The most practical option (especially if you have a large, growing knife collection) is to store them in a drawer or a safe. This protects the knife from light and environmental damage. Better still if you have a dehumidifier that can remove moisture – this is often the culprit of dullness and rusting of carbon blades.

Essentially, the main thing that you want to consider is the environment is which your knives are stored in. When storing your knives, think of it as preserving them, or putting them into “cold freeze” till you take them out again.